"Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the general and final goal of human existence."-Aristotle. Prices are approximate, please contact the hotel to confirm.


Give yourself a moment of silence to connect with your inner nature.


Let yourself be pampered on a journey of enrichment for your face and soul.


Find your ideal state of happiness.

70´/ 40€


Imagine a private lesson at Abaco. You choose the practice or session you need most and start or end your day in harmony.


World leader in the field of radiofrequency for the physiotherapy market, aesthetics and veterinary market, and is known worldwide for the scientific research carried out over the last 35 years.


Connect with your inner nature

Let yourself be carried away by the hands of one of our therapists, choose the massage that you think will give you that mental and spiritual balance. Prices are approximate, please contact the hotel to confirm.


Chocolate Softening Massage

A sweet and relaxing massage with natural ingredients for a deep hydration and restructuring of the skin due to the active ingredients of coconut and cocoa
80'- 75€

Foot Reflexology with Champissage

Champi is a Traditional Ayurvedic Medicinal head massage. A therapy focused on the central nervous system to stimulate the lymphatic system and eliminate toxins achieving a state of relationship and anti-stress. The therapy is combined with a deep foot massage that brings the body to a state of balance and deep well-being.
60'- 90€

Lomi Lomi Massage by Cristina

Described as the most beautiful massage on earth. A Hawaiian massage being one of the oldest and most powerful for its circulation and deep relaxation effects. It relaxes the nervous system by increasing circulation and well-being. The music and the continuous flowing movement of the hands and forearms makes your body, mind and soul surrender.

Ayurvedic body massage

Relaxing alternative massage accompanied with natural essences of your choice to enhance the desired mood.
60'-60€ / 165€

Traditional Relaxation

The ideal traditional massage to relax and unwind your mind and body. A sensory journey through a delicate 60' massage that will make you rediscover yourself and take a break from the world. Couples massages are subject to availability.

Circulatory massage

a technique that consists of mobilizing body fluids in order to activate the blood and lymphatic circulation. Aimed at people with a sedentary lifestyle, as well as with circulation problems.

Anti-Cellulite Massage

The anti-cellulite massage aims to reduce edematous tissue, cellulite nodules, detoxify tissues, activate blood circulation and oxygenate the skin. It achieves a perfect state of well-being.
60'-65€ / 165€ in couple

Decontracting Massage

Anxiety and tension cause our body to remain rigid and muscle tension and stiffness in the neck begins. Relaxing, activates blood circulation and relieves headaches. Couples massages are subject to availability.


A massage of your choice in the open air - music of your choice, a glass of cava and privacy for 1.5 hours from the terrace Treat yourself to an experience of peace and relaxation. Ask if you want a massage with your partner.


Give your face the pampering it deserves

An unforgettable gift for your face, body and mind Prices are approximate, please contact the hotel to confirm.


FACE & BODY Facial Cleansing & Body Massage

Cleansing, pampering and relaxation. A facial care and massage with products with immediate results and finish with a relaxing body massage. You will feel like you are in the clouds. (cleansing without extraction)


Take advantage and let yourself go with this magnificent treatment. You will receive a cleansing and a vitamin C treatment to nourish your skin and obtain luminosity and greater elasticity. And to finish, you will receive a relaxing body massage.


Beyond the five senses

Discover another way to achieve that state of physical and mental happiness. Prices are approximate, please contact the hotel to confirm.


Foot Reflexology

Therapeutic practice using the reflex points of the feet to achieve physical and mental balance.
wood therapy hotel abaco

Wood therapy

It is a natural therapy that consists of stimulating the body by means of a massage technique with wooden tools. By means of movements and pressure on points of the body, a reaction of wellbeing is sought. Ideal for retentions, cellulite and to work on areas of accumulated fat.
50'- 75€

Reiki with Aromatherapy

Reiki is a Sanskrit word meaning REI, universal energy and KI, vital energy. A technique of channelling and transmitting vital energy through the hands to obtain peace and balance on all levels. We use aromatherapy, stones and singing bowls to enhance and deepen the sensations.
60'- 75€

Acupuncture Session

A treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, to relieve pain, break points that are causing general imbalance and our Yin and Yang. A study is done before starting combined with a small session of myofascial or cranial to prepare the body state.

Spa Manicure

Today they touch your hands. So exposed to everything and receive little pampering but how good we feel when they are well groomed and hydrated. Let yourself go and let us pamper your hands. 1- Bath for your hands. 2- Cleaning and design. 3- Exfoliation 4- Mask and massage 5- You choose if you want to make up your nails (10 euros extra / semi permanent 20 euros extra).
60'- 75€


Do not suffer anymore and put yourself in the hands of our specialist in craniomandibular dysfunction. A therapy through committed movements that will help you to relieve the pain. It will also manage to examine and help you improve your condition with exercises that you can do at home.
60'- 45€

Spa Pedicure

In summer we remember them and in winter we forget about them ... In Abaco we think of you and them, get a cleaning, moisturizing and care. 1- Bath for your feet. 2- Exfoliation to soften your feet and remove dead skin and calluses. 3- Nails cleaned and groomed. 4 - Mask and deep massage. 5- If you wish to add colour to your nails please let us know. (additional 10 euros/ 20 semi permanent)
60'- 95€

Suction cups

An ideal treatment to receive increased blood flow, increased circulation, decreased pain in a particular part, increased metabolic, oxygenation and myofascial release. We concentrate about 15 minutes in the necessary area with the suction cups, then we work the area with INDIBA, radiofrequency helps to finish softening, irrigate and detoxify the area and finish with a circulatory massage. A very complete session, you may feel pain when performing this treatment and ematomas come out, but the results are incredible. Contraindicated for patients with coagulation disorders, cardiac or pregnancy.


You choose what you need most ...

Enjoy one of these practices led by one of our professionals to perform alone or as a couple. Start the day healing your body, mind and soul. Prices are approximate contact the hotel to confirm.

70'- 40€ p. person


Imagine a private YOGA class at Abaco. You can choose between Hatha, Yin and Flow or Dynamic and if it is a new experience you will want to repeat and if not you will receive an unforgettable energy.
70' 55€ p. person

Hypopressive (diagnosis and exercise)

The abdominal wall is just as important as any other part of the body and we tend to forget how important our CORE is. Know the state of your abdomen and with simple exercises that you can do at home you will improve your posture, reduce back pain and get a flat and toned belly.
60'- 40€ p. person

Mindfullness session

Mindfulness is the focusing of attention on the present moment, it is a method to achieve mindfulness, focusing on what is happening "here and now". A session where you learn meditation techniques to develop mindfulness.
60'- 60€

Qigong (Chikung)

Method of Chinese origin of gentle body exercises, coordinated with breathing, meditative concentration and visualisation, as well as postures and self-massage. Through series we work on the organs, acupuncture points, energy channels and emotions based on the theory of the five elements of nature and the seasons according to traditional Chinese medicine in order to achieve longevity and fullness.


- 10% for a single session of 60'= 58,50€
- 10% Indiba Rituals

Rituals, Treatments and Bonuses

The latest in radiofrequency, it manages to regenerate and rejuvenate the cells through a non-invasive technique by increasing the body temperature and improving from within the natural production of collagen. You will get a firmer and revitalized face and body. Choose a session or treatment. (Postpartum, post-operative, flaccidity, wrinkles, elimination of fluid and fat accumulation, orange peel skin, contractures, stiffness, injuries, inflammations). Customize your treatment: dark circles, neck and chest, abdomen, buttocks, knees, arms and more. Prices are approximate, please contact the hotel to confirm.

60'- 120€

INDIBA Back Ritual

We prepare the skin with a light scrub. We open the channeling points using the Indiba and begin the treatment. Ideal for a back with contractures, inflammations, elimination of toxins. You will feel the areas lighter after the first session. To treat ailments, pre-operative or injuries it is recommended to perform a treatment of more sessions. Consult with the therapist for the purchase of a voucher.

INDIBA Face Ritual

Receive a relaxing massage and you will feel your face with luminosity. We prepare the skin with a light scrub, we open several channeling points with the Indiba and we will work from the neck to the forehead. Ideal if you need a shock effect, to treat expression lines, a treatment of several sessions is recommended. Consult with the therapist for a voucher purchase.

INDIBA Foot Ritual

Receive an ideal treatment for tired, swollen or injured feet. We will start with a scrub to prepare the skin and proceed with the Indiba massage. Your feet will feel soothed at the end. For post-operative, fasciitis or other injuries we recommend a consultation with the therapist to purchase a voucher for more sessions.

INDIBA Ritual Abdomen, Legs and

A massage of your choice in the open air - music of your choice, a glass of cava and privacy for 1.5 hours from the terrace Treat yourself to an experience of peace and relaxation. Ask if you want a massage with your partner.

10% discount

3 sessions


30 minutes 65 euros 60 minutes 80 euros 175,50€ / 216€

20% discount

10 sessions +1 free


30 minutes 65 euros 60 minutes 80 euros 520€ / 640€

25% discount

20 sessions +1 free


30 minutes 65 euros 60 minutes 80 euros 975€ / 1200€


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