Is it better to visit Altea in summer or in winter?

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One of the big questions that people who want to plan a visit to our town ask themselves is if it is better to visit Altea in summer or in winter. Altea is a beach town that accumulates the vast majority of tourism in summer but, is the summer time the best time to visit? Although its sunny climate and beautiful beaches make it ideal to enjoy in the warmer season, autumn and winter are also a good time to do so, as you can enjoy a variety of plans avoiding the overcrowding of summer.

Read on to find out what you can do in Altea when temperatures are cooler.

Plans in Altea for nature lovers

Altea has a wide variety of hiking trails that are ideal to enjoy in autumn and winter. The location of the town by the sea means that temperatures are mild and not too cold, so you can walk comfortably and avoid the summer heat.

Some of the best known hiking trails are:

  • Route through the coves of Altea: this is an 8-kilometer excursion that consists of walking along the pebble beaches of the municipality, something very complicated during the summer. It starts at Cap Negret and continues to Playa de l'Olla.
  • Strait of Mascarat: if you want to enjoy nature but do not want to invest a lot of time, this is your ideal option. It only takes 45 minutes and you can enjoy breathtaking views.
  • Lighthouse of Albir: this lighthouse is located in the Sierra Helada Natural Park. It is a very simple and accessible route, as the ground is paved. When you reach the Faro del Albir, you can enjoy an incredible panoramic view of Altea.

Taste its delicious gastronomy

During the winter you will be able to enjoy the incredible restaurants in Altea avoiding the queues and waits that occur during the summer due to the greater influx of tourists.

visit altea in summer or winter

These are some of the bars and restaurants in Altea we recommend you:

  • Castell: a restaurant where you can taste the real Italian flavor in the old town of Altea, a pleasure for your palate!
  • La Costera: from Italy we move to France with this incredible restaurant ideal for a romantic evening.
  • Xef Pirata: if you are looking for signature dishes in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, this is the place you were looking for. Enjoy delicious and innovative tapas food.
  • La Capella: traditional food with an exceptional taste. You will fall in love with their meats.
  • Oustau: it may be the most famous restaurant in Altea, so much so that it has a Michelin star, among other distinctions. Its signature cuisine will intoxicate your five senses.

If you are thinking whether it is better to visit Altea in summer or winter, do not hesitate. Each season has its advantages but they all have something in common: whenever you come you will fall in love with our town.

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