Advantages ... Book Directly with Abaco!

Only ADVANTAGES with DIRECT booking!

If you book directly with Abaco you can enjoy more advantages, choose your experience...

  • We will offer you the best price. Choose the dates of your interest in the calendar and you will see the available rooms and prices, moreover, take advantage of the offers of the moment that are not published on any other platform. ONLY on the HOTEL ABACO website.
  • You have the possibility to choose the room you like the most and it is guaranteed. On other platforms you can only choose the category of the room and it is not guaranteed the one you like the most in case you have preferences. In the calendar you can see the pictures of all the rooms available for the requested dates ... be it the Havana, Moulin Rouge, Provence, Kasbah, America's Cup, Moulin Rouge, Kasbah, America's Cup, Moulin Rougeor Provence room. Kasbah, America's Cup, Caesar, Tuscany or Seychelles, Santorini!
  • Personalised attention: the more we know about your stay the more we will know about your preferences and surprise you.  
  • Possibility of an upgrade to a higher category or discount subject to availability 
  • We offer a welcome detail

What do you want to feel?

Where do you want to be transported?

What memory would you like to relive?

¿Imagine that...??!!

 Only with Abaco, call us or if you prefer ask for availability through our website.

¡We are waiting for you... BOOK NOW! - 966 88 2500 - abaco@hotelabaco -


ADVANTAGES only with DIRECT reservations!

Book directly with Hotel AbacoTo enjoy the privileges and advantages, choose your experience!

  • Best available rate! Choose your dates on the calendar and automatically you will see all the rooms available and prices. Take advantage of any special offers of the day and not available in any other platform. Only Direct Bookings can enjoy these advantages. 
  • Guarantee your favourite room! Your preference do count, in any other online platform your preference of room is not guaranteed jus the category of room. So, go ahead and book now directly with us over the phone, email or our website : Havana, Moulin Rouge, Provence, Kasbah, Copa America, Cesar, Toscana, Seychelles, Santorini or Bellaguarda room!
  • Customer Service: we will be able to personalise your stay and inquire about your preferences and needs
  • Upgrade to the next category or discounts subject to availability.
  • Welcome treat upon arrival

... What do you wish to experience?

...where would you like to be transported?

...which memorable moment would you like to enjoy again?
Imagine yourself ...?

Only with Abaco, book directly with us or through our website, we will offer more than what you are looking for.

 We look forward to meeting you ... BOOK NOW! 966 88 25 00 - -

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