What do you look for in a hotel... What is the experience that surprises you today?

It is true that to each his own! And what a wonderful world, full of different personalities, tastes and ways of appreciating any experience. However, as a hotelier and passionate about travelling and getting to know all kinds of accommodations in different countries, I have come to the conclusion that nowadays I look for simplicity, genuineness, what is different, what is exclusive because it is personalised details and really close attention.

What I mean by this is that we have reached such an impersonal level and without the slightest basis of professionalism and interest in the customer that it really makes me question the real interest of the businessman of others. I believe that kindness and doing things for the customer should come naturally and with an infinite desire to help and pamper the customer without having to stay in a 5-star hotel or any other star hotel. Hospitality, respect, professionalism and kindness to do things well, in my opinion, should always be free of charge and without exceptions.

At Hotel Abaco, we care about our guests and we are committed to always do our best to surprise our guests. All our decisions are based on our philosophy. philosophyWe promise quality with a close and personal service. At Abaco we offer those attentions and practices that we have learned during our professional career as staff and what is clear to us is that we all like to be cared for and pampered!

That's why we have decided that we will put into practice everything that we like ... that we think you might also like! We play with details like our whims to offer each client a different experience and we rely on the theme of our rooms so that each client can feel a touch of being in a different rooms so that each client can feel a touch of being in another country.

Our goal is very simple ... we seek to surprise and pamper each of our customers to live an experience unlike any other and thus remember us! We want to be a part of their lives and know that their memories at Abaco have been special and that they have lived such a sublime experience that they want to remember us! repeat!

We are waiting for you!

Adelina and Thomas Caparo

@Hotel Abaco Altea

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