Hotel Ábaco: sustainable accommodation with charm

If you come to Altea and want to enjoy a hotel committed to the environment, then you should know that at Hotel Ábaco, like you, we are doing everything possible to leave the smallest footprint of our time here, our motherland.

We want to leave our children and your children a planet, as little as we found it.

That is why we work to minimise our footprint on the planet and give priority to local businesses when making the necessary purchases to offer a unique, unforgettable and sustainable experience to our guests. These are some of the measures we take:

HotelÁbaco and Energy Saving

In order to use less light we use LED lights and air renewal air conditioning.

In this way, we manage to significantly reduce our energy consumption, which contributes positively to the environment.

A boutique hotel with a plastics policy

Plastic is a great threat to the environment. At Hotel Ábaco we are very strict with the method of use of plastics, both in their recycling and in their service.

You can read all about it below:

  • Every day we take single-use plastics to the recycling point (bottles, soft drink containers...)....
  • We have replaced the single-dose containers for bathroom amenities with dispensers to limit the use of plastic. In addition, both these products and those used for cleaning the hotel are environmentally friendly.
  • We do not use disposable catering items. If guests ask for a picnic to take away, we use recycled wooden cutlery and bags.

In addition, the paper products used in catering and other products that we may use in the day-to-day running of the hotel are also taken to the recycling point.

Our aim is to generate as little waste as possible, to give a second life to all resources and to make our hotel sustainable.

Commitment to local commerce

At Hotel Ábaco we feel that we are ambassadors of Altea. For this reason, and as part of our policy of respect for our people and protection of the Earth, we buy the products necessary for the hotel from local businesses: food, decoration...

In addition, all our workers are from Altea or live in the surrounding villages, so everything stays in the family and we indirectly minimise our carbon footprint.

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