Hotel Ábaco from Adelina's hand

Hotel Abaco

Hotel Ábaco is a very special place located in Altea. Altea where the most important thing is to live a unique experience that will remain in your memory for life. In this post, we will know all its corners, its history and secrets from the hand of Adelina, owner and director of this boutique hotel with her husband Thomas. Read on to fall even more in love with this accommodation.

Origin of the hotel

Hotel Ábaco is a unique and special place since its birth. It currently consists of two buildings, although it was not always so.

This boutique hotel was an 18th century bakery when Adelina's father-in-law decided to start his own business. He renovated it and created a bed and breakfast with 6 themed rooms, each different from the next.

In 2012, Thomas and Adelina arrived in Altea from the Seychelles. Seychelles Islandswhere they had lived for some time. At this time, they took over the reins of the hotel and decided to expand it by adding four new rooms, an outdoor area and a larger common area in the building next door.

As a result, Ábaco Vintage and Ábaco Fussion were born. These names are intended to reflect the combination of tradition and modernity that exists in this hotel in Altea where the legacy of his father coexists with his innovative ideas.

Passion for details

In Adelina's own words, she is a "detail freak". The hotel manager always pampers every corner to make a difference and ensure that her guests live an unparalleled experience that delights their five senses.

So much care is put into everything that, despite having a very extensive breakfast menu, prepares other specific if your customers request it. So, if one of them is in the habit of having avocados for breakfast, he only has to ask for them to enjoy them the next morning.

Another of the most curious details of the hotel is that each room, in addition to having its own thematic design, has a characteristic smell in line with it.

Their goal is to make you feel at home, in a close and familiar atmosphere. So much so that they want to come back every year. For this reason, they reward the loyalty that so many of their customers have, giving away the sixth night at the hotel.

A reflection of this is one of the messages left by one of the guests that Adelina is most touched by: "You feel at home even when you are far away".

Hotel Abaco

The breakfast corner

The breakfast nook is one of Adelina's favorites. Although most spaces are designed by Thomas, this corner was created by her to include a feminine touch and reflect her personality.

There is butterfly paper, a very significant insect for her. They have accompanied her all her life and she feels that they reflect transformation, something very appropriate in this case considering the change that the hotel has undergone from its origins as a bakery, through the stage when it was managed by her father-in-law and up to now.

In addition, this place also has an outdoor space. The ideal place to enjoy a delicious breakfast, whether or not you are a guest of the hotel.
Hotel Ábaco is a story of constant change, evolution, care and passion. Ready to live a unique experience in a unique environment?

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