Hotel Ábaco: meet our team

Hotel Ábaco Team

Hotel Abaco is a big family in which all members strive and collaborate with the same purpose: to offer our guests a unique stay that they will never forget.

In our boutique hotel we love what we do, so we enjoy every day and we try to transmit this passion to all our clients.

Read on to learn more about each of our components and their function.

Hotel Abaco

Adelina, owner and director

Adelina is a professional, ambitious and very cheerful woman. Every day she arrives with a big smile that makes her shine and illuminates the way for the rest of the team who arrive with encouragement and enthusiasm to start the day and continue drawing smiles of pleasure and enjoyment for our guests. Her superpower is to transmit happiness.

In addition, she is very careful and is always attentive to every detail to ensure that everything is perfect and that guests have an unforgettable experience.

Julie, the smile of the hotel

Her sweet smile says it all. Julie has been working at Hotel Abaco since the beginning and, if you come to visit us, it's impossible you won't meet her.

Her smile will greet you on arrival, at breakfast and whenever you need it. She will take care of you throughout your stay and make sure everything goes just as you dreamed it would.

Hicham, our protector

Thanks to him, you will sleep much more peacefully. When the silence comes and the moon illuminates our facade, Hicham takes care of the hotel and all its guests.

He is a very versatile man and always ready to help in order to offer clients the best experience. Therefore, you can also find him in the mornings, welcoming you and escorting you to your room or perhaps you will hear him in the lobby pouring glasses of champagne and speaking French.

It is also multilingual!

Our three fairy godmothers

They are in charge of keeping Hotel Ábaco in perfect condition and making it shine both inside and out.

They are delicate, detail-oriented, careful, respectful and love order and cleanliness, a very important pillar!

This great team is formed by:

  • Mbarka: she is in charge. A positive and hardworking woman who transmits happiness and energy to everyone around her.
  • Katerina: fast, direct and vital. A great companion always ready to help.
  • Noelia: charming, somewhat shy, detail-oriented and very efficient. A passionate about details that, with few words, says it all.

Ana, the knowledge of experience

A great pillar of the team. She is the most senior of the cleaning team and as sweet and kind as she is efficient in her work.

Every detail is taken care of so that guests live a unique and memorable experience.

Tatiana, the newest member

It is our most recent incorporation but no less professional. An impeccable and friendly treatment are its hallmark.

Sarah, all love

Kind and affectionate, she is an unconditional support for all her companions. She will take care of you and will do her best to surprise you. Besides, she is a faithful ambassador of Hotel Abaco.

This is our great team! Coworkers who over time have become a beautiful family.

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