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Climate change, pollution and its devastating effects are becoming more evident every day. Fortunately, more and more people, like you, are aware of this serious problem and are making an effort to do their bit to mitigate the situation.

At Hotel Ábaco we are also very concerned about this issue, so some time ago we implemented a sustainability policy that seeks to reduce the environmental impact of our activity.

Reducing plastic consumption, minimizing the use of individual transportation, committing to sustainable initiatives and many other actions are simple gestures that are within everyone's reach and that contribute to building a healthier planet.

Read on to find out what measures we have taken at Hotel Ábaco to contribute to the fight against climate change:

Lower energy consumption

A good part of the energy we use to maintain Hotel Abaco's facilities comes from renewable sources.

In addition, the air conditioning method we use is air renewal, one of the most environmentally friendly on the market.

Energy efficient lighting

LED lights are the most energy-efficient lights available today. We use this type of lighting to reduce electricity consumption as much as possible.

Water use

Reducing water consumption is one of the keys in the fight against climate change. In this sense, from our boutique hotel we have implemented water-efficient methods, such as the hotel's irrigation systems and faucets with sensors in the public bathrooms.

In addition, in order to raise awareness among our guests, we launched messages aimed at reducing the frequency of towel changes, as this action entails a great waste of water.


All departments of our hotel follow a strict recycling and reuse policy to make the most of all products and give a new life to those that have already worn out.

In this way, we minimize waste production.

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Hotel Ábaco, Altea and eco-friendly

We are in love with Altea and we consider ourselves ambassadors of this town. For this reason, a good part of our products, such as those used in the kitchen or in the decoration, come from Altea businesses.

In this way, we promote local commerce and the growth of the municipality.

We use environmentally friendly materials

Our buildings are constructed with environmentally friendly materials.

To achieve this, we work hand in hand with the construction company and include materials such as wood, cork and natural paints. In this way, we respect the environment and care for the aesthetics of the village.

We reduce waste

All the amenities you will find in the bathrooms of the rooms are ecological and of the Nuxe brand. In addition, we have eliminated single-dose toiletries and replaced them with dispenser bottles, thus reducing plastic consumption.

The detergents and other cleaning products used are also environmentally friendly.

Our staff also

Traveling by car produces a large amount of greenhouse gases, which are highly polluting. To minimize travel and oil consumption, we have a staff made up only of people who live in Altea or nearby towns.

These are the measures we have adopted at Hotel Abaco to become more sustainable and slow down climate change. We continue to study new ways to be even more eco-friendly and make our business more sustainable. less impact on the environment.
Together, we can achieve a healthier world. What measures do you take to take care of the planet?

If you book your stay at Hotel Ábaco, in addition to enjoying an excellent location and service, you are taking care of the environment.

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