What are the Vintage rooms at Hotel Ábaco like?

Habana Room - Hotel Ábaco

In Hotel Abaco each room is inspired by different places to teleport you to the location of your choice every time you return to your accommodation. We have different rooms grouped in the categories Vintage, Vintage with Veranda, Deluxe, Superior and Premium . In today's post, we describe the Vintage rooms at Hotel Ábaco to help you choose the one that best suits you on your next visit. 

Old Havana Room

In this room, dark wood is combined with soft white fabrics to take you to Old Havana. This, together with the Cuban-inspired paintings inside, allows guests to travel to Latin America in a second.

In addition, some of the furniture in the room is over 200 years old, making the experience even more immersive and enchanting.

You will love it!

Hotel Ábaco's neighborhood room: Bellaguarda

Both the name and the decoration pay homage to our neighborhood. The stone details and the predominance of light tones are reminiscent of the cobblestone and white streets of Altea.

It is also connected to the Premium Santorini room through a discreet and private corridor, making it the ideal option to combine for family trips.

Moulin Rouge Room

The most iconic theater in Paris sneaks into the Hotel Abaco through the Moulin Rouge room. The red velvet details and subtle gold decorations are a nod to the place that marked a before and after in Parisian and world history.

An ideal room for lovers of the city of love.

Which room will you choose for your next visit? Let us know in comments!

Don't forget that you can ask for the whim you want in each room by calling us by phone: a photo, glasses of champagne, your favorite flowers... whatever you need! We create an experience tailored to your needs.

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