Hotel Ábaco. These are its premium rooms

Almendro - Hotel Ábaco

While all Hotel Ábaco guests will enjoy a unique experience that their five senses will never forget, those who choose the premium rooms will take pleasure to the next level.

The premium rooms are the highest level of our boutique hotel due to the wide variety of services and amenities that each one offers and its large size. Here are some of the most select hotel rooms you can find in all of Altea, you will love them!


This room is, as its name suggests, inspired by one of the most famous Greek islands: Santorini. From it, you can teleport to the fantastic corners of this beautiful island and its dreamy seas without leaving Altea.

To achieve this feeling, we have chosen white walls with arches reminiscent of typical Greek houses and included details with rounded pebbles as a nod to its cobblestone streets. In addition, you will also find blue motifs representing the sea.

After a busy day, relax in your bathroom with its crescent-shaped shower and whirlpool tub.

In addition, if you are traveling with your family, you can combine this premium room with the vintage Bellaguarda room, since both communicate through a private corridor. The ideal option to enjoy a family vacation without sacrificing privacy.

Santorini - Hotel Abaco


If you are coming to Hotel Ábaco because you are in love with Altea, you will love this room. The almond tree is one of the most characteristic trees of our town. Every beginning of the year, they bloom in anticipation of the arrival of spring and fill the town with a beautiful and soft pink color that illuminates and brightens every corner.

What is it about this room that makes it recreate one of the most typical plants of Altea's vegetation? The whole room is decorated with wood in light tones reminiscent of the almond tree: from the window frames through the tables and reaching the framework of the headboard. All this combined with light colors that reflects the color of the almond trees in bloom and conveys a sense of happiness.

A spacious and uncluttered room that will fill you with energy and vitality throughout your stay, just as the expected blossoming of the almond trees does with the Alteanos year after year.

To this we must add the beautiful balcony that has the room, where you can go out to take the air and enjoy the wonderful climate of Altea.

And if you want to see these or other rooms as if you were in them, remember that you can do it through our website, in the simulator that allows you to tour them and explore every corner.

Take the step and book a unique experience. You can take it to the next level by choosing your favorite treat for your stay: a rose, champagne, a bong... or whatever you prefer! At Hotel Abaco we take care of making your dreams come true.

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