4 reasons why celebrities choose Altea

Abaco Altea

Altea, one of the most iconic towns on the Costa Blanca, is also one of the favourite destinations for more and more influencers and celebrities, who repeat this destination every year on their holidays. Here are 4 reasons why Altea is the place chosen by more and more celebrities.

Artists' workshops

In the old town of Altea you can find many artists' and craftsmen's workshops. These artists sell unique pieces with a lot of charm, which is why many celebrities choose to visit this town to get this kind of products.

In addition, Altea has attracted great artists, such as the painters Benjamín Palencia and Ebernard Schlotter; or writers of the stature of Alberti. For this reason, many of the streets and squares of Altea are named after artists.

Incredible landscapes

Altea has incredible landscapes that lead many influencers, such as Teresa Andrés Gonzalvo (with more than 600k followers), to choose this destination every year.

Altea is located at the top of the bay that runs between Calpe and Benidorm, so you can see some very striking and unique landscapes, ideal for a photo shoot.

Abaco Altea

Charming hotels

Altea is home to a large number of boutique hotels, making it the ideal destination for a quiet, comfortable holiday in the utmost comfort.

In addition, there are adults only options and others that also allow children, which gives the municipality great versatility and makes it the ideal place to spend a holiday alone, as a couple, with friends or with the family.

Carrer del mar

A perfect option for a stroll around Altea is the Carrer del Mar. This ends at the port and the fish market where the daily fish auctions take place. This fish is served in the restaurants of the municipality, making Altea an ideal place to enjoy good fresh fish.

Now you know the reasons why every year more and more celebrities choose Altea as their holiday destination. What are you waiting for to book your next holiday?

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