Art Exhibition at Hotel Ábaco: Mariano Mancheño

Mariano Mancheño - Hotel Ábaco

If you are passionate about art and coastal areas, we are the ideal boutique hotel for you. During these days, in addition to the permanent exhibition of Linda Caparo that we have all year round at Hotel Ábaco, we have the exhibition of the artist Mariano Mancheño, a work of art with its own character and identity that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Read on to learn all the details about the life and work of Mancheño, an artist based in Altea who thrills with every stroke.

What you will find in Hotel Abaco's exhibition

In the exhibition of our boutique hotel you will find a selection of paintings and drawings of the last four years in which, although there is a varied theme, horses, musicians and North Africa predominate. In addition, you can also enjoy small format copies of works by the British painter Lucian Freud.

Who is Mariano Mancheño?

The painter was born in 1953 in the autonomous city of Melilla, North Africa, and in 1979 he moved to Altea after falling in love with the town on a honeymoon.

His training in the art of painting is self-taught and it is not his only profession, as Mancheño is also a doctor.

He continues to work in both professions, which he greatly enjoys, and resides in the municipality he first visited 43 years ago.

Do you want to know his work?


The inspiration for his works does not come from a specific theme or situation. It can be a mood, a memory, an image... its source is varied but all his works are born with a common goal: to excite.


The main objective of Mancheño's works, of varied subject matter, is that the public can feel when viewing the painting the same way he experienced making them.

The artist intends to transcend the taste or not of each person, different in each one, to touch the emotions, unstoppable and timeless.

Description of a work: Cellist

It is an acrylic painting on canvas with a size of 43 x 38 centimeters. In it, glossy acrylic paste is used to highlight the face and hand of the cellist. 

Although, the right hand and the bow are not painted, the aim is to show the difficulty and demand of the musician through the rest of the details of the piece.

At the bottom there is a legend that reads: "Cuando ya nada se espera personalmente..." is the beginning of a poem by Gabriel Celaya from 1955.

Violoncelista de Mancheño - Hotel Ábaco
Mancheño Art in Hotel Ábaco

Your relationship with Altea and Hotel Ábaco

In the artist's words, Altea is a "nest, refuge or way station" for artists. His work as a doctor in the municipality has allowed him to get to know many of the town's inhabitants.

His relationship with Hotel Abaco is long-standing, since its founder, Mr. Caparo, became interested in his work when he opened his first hotel business. Since then, he has maintained a close relationship with the family.

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