An art exhibition you can't miss in Altea

Linda Caparo - Hotel Ábaco Exhibition

Hotel Ábaco is a space for the delight and pleasure of all five senses. From themed rooms, to a wide gastronomic variety and even an art exhibition. This is precisely the subject of today's blog: the "Linda Caparo" art gallery . A small permanent exhibition of this artist that you can enjoy in our hotel.

Who is Linda Caparo?

As well as being the founder of Hotel Abaco, Linda Caparo is a great artist. She was born in England and has travelled all over the world, which has allowed her to soak up different cultures and styles and then translate them into her paintings.

Linda Caparo is a fighter who has always been committed to entrepreneurship and has believed in herself, which has allowed her to combine the management of the hotel, the care of her family and the development of her passion.

Evolution of his art

In her beginnings, most of Linda's works were related to nature and the abstract, but, as we have said before, her travels around the world have allowed her to modulate her style according to her feelings and the situation that surrounded her at any given moment.

One of the key stages of her work is influenced by Cuban culture. This phase began during the inauguration and restoration of the Cuban aesthetic Café Ábaco; for this event Linda's paintings began to be filled with brunette women, white fabrics and cigars, giving rise to a series of very characteristic pieces that have dominated her artistic production.

Art and hotel abaco

Get his works

If you are an art lover and you are interested in Linda Caparo's work, you can see it in the permanent exhibition at our boutique hotel and at Café Ábaco, as well as in other local venues in the area.

Currently, Linda, in addition to her art collections, also creates personalised portraits for her clients. If you want to get one of these unique pieces, do not hesitate to contact us, we will make sure you get the painting of your dreams.

Hotel Ábaco is the ideal place for lovers of art and pleasure, what are you waiting for to come and visit us?

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