The Abaco team



At the entrance today we put on the egomaniacal suit, to... why not, talk about us: THE HUMAN TEAM that we are part of Hotel Abaco Altea.

It is very important to know, or at least we will try to transmit it to you, that every day of the year Hotel Abaco works 7d/24h so that the moment someone walks through the door....chas! magic! .... they don't want to leave! We are committed to our customers, to satisfying their wishes, to the image we give, to the words we use, to the help we offer, to what we could have offered, to making them feel at home, to making them a good coffee, to not burning their toast, to answering all their questions about Altea, to booking them in a good restaurant, to everything and more........behind the directors and managers of the hotel, the receptionists, the cleaning and maintenance service...there is a great team that tries everything for and so that Abaco continues to run like a train that travels around the world stopping at each of our rooms spread out across the geography, at the right speed and without derailing...




The philosophy that we try to transmit in Abaco to our clients, is the same that we transmit between us team members, with our suppliers, with our neighbors, with our friends and with our families. The pillars that we carry by flag until the end and the hard work, are responsible for Abaco today is Abaco and the people who are part of it are everything we are inside and outside the hotel. We laugh together, we cry, we take care of each other, we applaud our achievements, we toast our victories and try to learn growing from the mistakes and stones that come our way. Maybe if you don't know what I'm talking about, you'll think that what I'm going to say is just another pomp of all this talk, but the reality is different, in Abaco we are a small family, and above all we always care about each other, and how could it be otherwise we also care about our customers!

I could explain a thousand more things about what we do, what we aim to do, what we offer, where we are... but you already know all that, don't you? And if there is anyone who is not sure, you can always visit our web page: 

Without further ado, and with these model poses, I am pleased to introduce you to all the staff on board (drum roll):

A d e l i n a  y  T h o m a s  C a p a r o

at the controls of the locomotive, being owners, directors and managers of the hotel. In love with their project and philosophy of life, they have their soul divided between each of the rooms and spaces that make up Hotel Abaco, always with a high point to offer absolutely every day the best operation, management and direction of Abaco. They are our superiors, yes, but also our colleagues and friends.

Thomas and Adelina

J u l i e

Thomas' sister, is the oldest of the receptionists in Abaco and she is responsible for making our breakfasts famous! You will find her every morning at the hotel with a smile and if you feel like a coffee, she will make you one you can't refuse! Many are the words that define Julie, but I will tell you only three: companionship, joy and kindness. She will help you, advise you, explain to you, and you cannot avoid making friends with her if you spend several days at the hotel.




X u s

Receptionist, besides being in charge of issues directly related to the Marketing and Design department of Abaco, she is a perfectionist, creative, detailed and fun, to say some of her top qualities, but among them we could highlight how versatile she is. Xus has been able to absorb the Abaco essence in a short time, taking into account that it is new in the hotel field. His professionalism and passion are reflected in his daily work. Without a doubt, you're in good hands. Xus always leaves an unforgettable mark on your stay at Abaco.




S o p h i a

Also as a receptionist, she is at the hotel morning or afternoon depending on the day, so you can find her from preparing some nice scrambled eggs at breakfast, to making a nice check-in in the afternoon. Sophia is a very sweet woman, who likes to do things professionally, and in the same way with her carefree touch, connecting from the first moment with anyone! She is funny and very funny so a few minutes of conversation with her will be enough to make you laugh for one reason or another. And....who doesn't like to laugh?




A n a

is a key pillar in the structure of Abaco. She is responsible for making sure that everything is impeccable every day and in its place, something to which we pay a lot of attention. She is a very willing and involved person in her work. You will always see Ana without stopping from top to bottom, from bottom to top, but don't worry, you can stop her for a moment and ask her anything if you wish. She was born and raised in this wonderful town and will be happy to help and advise you as well, just like the rest of the team.


L u a n a

is Ana's assistant, and together with her, responsible for making sure that everything in Abaco is as it should be, every day. Luana is a responsible and committed person to the Abaco team, despite spending less time with us. Without a doubt another of the pillars for Abaco to shine every day.



Last but not least, we have the pleasure of introducing you to...

D i a n a

student trainee at the "Leeuwenborgh" school in Maastricht in the Netherlands. She has already spent almost 5 months in Abaco acquiring the practical-theoretical knowledge of the daily work we do and also, as it could not be otherwise, breathing every minute the philosophy and dynamics that precedes us. We are convinced that Diana's stay in Abaco will not leave us indifferent and we hope that she will take a pleasant memory of us and of Altea! Without a doubt, Diana is leaving a mark on all of us and we will notice her absence a lot on her return to Holland.



At this point, I can only say that it is a pleasure to have shown you this side of the coin, where as you will have seen, the good feeling goes hand in hand with each one of us, where we all do our bit every day without skimping on details, so that as we said at the beginning .... this train goes at the right speed and without derailing!


Passengers, see you on the next trip.






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