4 Water Sports that Hotel Ábaco recommends you to try in Altea this summer.

Water activities altea

If you are a client of Hotel Ábaco, you will know that we are very pro-water activities. Diving underwater, enjoying the seabed, among other sports, are well known in Altea.

But this is just one of the many examples we want to give you. Read on and you will see the offer you will find in our hotel if you come to visit us.

Altea is a municipality bathed by the Mediterranean Sea and with stunning beaches, which makes it the ideal destination for an unforgettable summer holiday. And what better way to enjoy this holiday than practising sport in the sea?

At Hotel Ábaco we consider ourselves ambassadors of Altea and we love exploring all its possibilities and guiding our guests to enjoy an unforgettable stay. Here are the four water sports you can practise on the beaches of our beloved town.

Snorkelling, enjoy the underwater scenery of Altea

If you love exploring underwater landscapes, you will fall in love with Altea. The town has several beaches where you can enjoy an unforgettable underwater experience. These are some of the most famous ones:


This is the most common area for snorkelling and scuba diving. With a maximum depth of 20 metres, you can enjoy the seabed at different heights where there is an abundance of native flora and fauna.

On the beach you will also find the typical fishermen's huts. A reflection of the living history of Altea.

The pool

  • If you want to snorkel but have little experience and are looking for a quiet exercise, this is the ideal option for you. La Pileta is located just outside the harbour and has a maximum depth of five metres, the perfect location for a quiet outing in calm waters.

The hill

  • This is an area of the Mascarat cliff. It has a maximum depth of 21 metres and you can enjoy a rocky seabed where moray eels, corvinas and gilthead breams abound.

Which option do you prefer? It's hard to choose, isn't it?

Guided jet ski tour

An experience as exciting as it is fun.

Give your summer holidays an extra adrenaline rush with a guided jet ski tour.

Hotel ábaco

Go along the coast of Altea with the best company and guided by an expert monitor who will guarantee the safety of the experience and will show you the most impressive landscapes.

The ideal plan to do as a couple and give a special touch to your holidays.

A boat trip, the quintessential water sport

Spending a day on a boat is one of the most typical activities in Altea. Whether you are an expert sailor or not, enjoy this water sport in Altea. In the port you can rent boats with or without skipper to spend an incredible day at sea.

water activities Altea

Paddle surfing

The calm waters of the Mediterranean that bathe Altea make it the ideal place for paddle surfing. Bring your own board or rent one from the many establishments you can find for this purpose.
At Hotel Ábaco we have contact with different companies in the area specialising in water sports to help you plan all the excursions and plans during your stay. Do not hesitate to contact us before your trip or at the hotel reception to organise your outings with the maximum guarantees.

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