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Hotel Ábaco: sustainable accommodation with charm

If you come to Altea and want to enjoy a hotel committed to the environment, then you should know that at Hotel Ábaco, like you, we are doing everything possible to leave the smallest possible footprint of our stay here, our land ... Read More

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Linda Caparo - Hotel Ábaco Exhibition

An art exhibition you can't miss in Altea

Linda Caparo's art exhibition at Hotel Ábaco ... Read More

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maderoterapia hotel abaco

Celebrities use "this treatment" to get rid of stored fat

ered, smoother skin and I still have two more sessions to go.
This is what the wood therapy treatment in the wellness area of our boutique hotel can do for your body... Read More

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gastronomic getaway - hotel ábaco

Hotel Ábaco has the plan in Altea that you can't refuse

At Hotel Ábaco we specialise in treats for special occasions. Therefore, in our boutique hotel we offer different types of unique experiences that will make you live an unforgettable moment with your partner. Enjoying a good dinner is a great ... Read More

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Breaking the monotony - Hotel Ábaco

4 plans to break the monotony as a couple

Life as a couple has wonderful things to offer and can bring a lot of happiness to our lives, but when a relationship lasts a long time, it can become stagnant and monotonous as we always make the same plans, which ends up ... Read More

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Hotel Abaco

Back to the post-holiday routine: 4 Tips to combat it

If after these days off you feel it's hard to get back to your routine, don't worry, it's totally normal. This long weekend you have enjoyed the arrival of the good weather, meals with friends and you have probably stayed up late more than ... Read More

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Semana Santa Altea - Hotel Ábaco

Altea and its Easter Week. 3 Plans to enjoy

Altea is a beautiful municipality which is most popular with tourists in the summer. But this does not mean that the rest of the year there are no interesting things to do. Easter is one of the best times of the year to visit Altea... Read More

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Hotel Ábaco Altea Treatments

5 treatments to improve your health at Hotel Boutique Ábaco

World Health Day is celebrated on 7 April. At Hotel Boutique Ábaco, we love to pamper you, that's why, in addition to living a unique and exclusive experience in our rooms, you can take care of yourself even more in our wellness area, where you can ... Read More

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Hotel Ábaco Father's Day Gift Ideas

3 Father's Day Gift Ideas 2022

Father's Day is approaching and, with it, last minute gift shopping. At Hotel Ábaco we know that every year it is more and more complicated to choose a gift that will be special and that ... Read More

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hotel ábaco

5 benefits of INDIBA

At Hotel Ábaco we love to pamper you to the maximum. That's why in our wellness area you can enjoy different treatments that will make you feel much better. From massages, through yoga classes to Indiba radiofrequency, which is precisely the theme of our ... Read More

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