Jovempa invites the Hotel Abaco and other young entrepreneurs to a gathering to exchange ideas and advice between business people and entrepreneurs.

Those selected were:
* Hotel Abaco by Adelina Balbuena
* Las Bodas de Algodón by Paqui Agulló
* Chiringuito Bona Vida by Carlos
* Mobisoft by Jose

The day was very pleasant and productive, where we exchanged know-how's and experiences. The synergy between the candidates was surprising, as none of us knew each other but we shared the same enthusiasm for know-how, how to do and initiatives to achieve our goals. Being an entrepreneur is not easy, but if you have clear and well-established objectives, add passion, effort, perseverance and creativity, you will soon reap the rewards.

During the talk, several questions related to the entrepreneurial theme were raised by the moderator and Vice President of Jovempa. Alberto GiulianottiAmong many, I would like to share with you this one: "What are your tips for being a good entrepreneur?
This question is extensive and difficult to answer, as in these times neither books nor experiences are enough. Of course we are aware that it is essential to resolve unexpected conflicts and "put out fires" as Jose, from Mobisoft, said.

It is also very important to have a high level of knowledge in customer service and to know how to anticipate customer needs and thus provide excellent service and build customer loyalty, whether through social networks, which are essential nowadays, or through word of mouth, a very effective way to consolidate without excessive expenditure.
A lot of effort and desire to achieve and reach your dreams are also important ingredients to get that final result and know how to do it, because it is easy to get to the top but the hard part is to stay at the top.

One day, Alberto Balbuena Bezanilla, a wise entrepreneur in the real estate sector, told me: "what I do is very easy, one day I will teach you", at that time I was 12 years old, and I will never forget the moment when he told me: "whatever you do in life, always do it with a lot of passion, be happy and work hard... you have to sweat it out, and once you do it you will be very successful". It is true that if you don't do things with that positive energy you will never be able to convey to others what you really want to achieve. His wise words accompany me every day and are the driving force to continue fulfilling my responsibilities, which in this case is to make everyone who passes through Hotel Abaco happy, because their happiness is our happiness.

Finally, as I said in my speech, it is essential to leave your mark no matter what you do, wherever you go, regardless of the sector you work in, as this is the only way for someone to remember you. To do this, you must surprise with all 5 senses to create an experience. Follow your heart and your instinct and you will achieve your dreams, it is a precious experience!

Many thanks to Jovempa and Vigela Llorent for inviting us to this amazing meeting where one keeps learning and teaching... the flow of life.

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